Try on at Home

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We understand that choosing glasses is not an easy decision! That's why we offer a FREE Home Try-On Service. You can try up to five pairs of glasses in the comfort of your living room - in ugg boots and trackies and all. Here's how it works:

1. Add 5 pairs of glasses to your cart from our website. There's a 10% fully refundable deposit (just to make sure they come back home safely!) to pay - but don't worry as this will be refunded back to you when we get them back!

2. Receive your glasses in the mail - straight to your door. Over the next 7 days, try on your chosen glasses in any array of situations - in front of the computer, bingeing netflix, walking to the supermarket. Show them to your friends, family, anyone that will offer you an opinion.

3. By now, you should be pretty sure which pair, or pairs, of glasses you want! Using the included pre-paid satchel bag, return all the glasses to Perspective Eyewear. Once received, you will receive your initial deposit back within 5 business days.

4. Go on our website and order your favourite pair(s) of Perspective Eyewear! 

Yes, it's THAT easy.