Blue Light

Our lenses are high quality and designed to maximise your visual comfort and needs. Our lenses are supplied by a local lab based here in NSW, so you can rest assured that you're getting lenses crafted with the quality that we've come to know and expect. 

We offer a range of coatings to our standard super clear lenses, including Anti-Fog lenses.

Using the latest innovations in lens technology, we use OptiFog by Essilor to provide you with fog free vision. Wearers can expect to go about their normal daily activities without the nuisance of mist or fog.  Temperature changes from cold to hot can make your standard lenses fog up which can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. With our Anti-Fog Lenses, regardless of whether you're cooking, playing sports or working in a medical environment, you can move about your day with fog free vision.

OptiFog works by adding a hydrophilic surface layer to the lenses, repelling water and mist from the surface of the lens. This treatment can be applied to all lenses, tinted or not, and for all visual corrections.